The Paint Works, Inc.
Selected Projects

Over a period of some 20 years, the company, now known as The Paint Works, Inc., has been involved in a series of paint booth installations, a large majority of which have been constructed on military bases or civil government installations. The following is a partial list of these projects:

  1. Ryder Truck Co., Doraville, GA. Designed and installed two paint booths. 1988
  2. Japanese manufacturing plant, Dalton, GA. Installed a 150í paint booth for painting heavy equipment. 1989
  3. US Mail Facility, North Georgia. Installed a paint booth to paint tractor trailers and other large trucks along with a breathing air unit. 1990
  4. Ft. Drum, NY. Installed three paint booths to paint attack helicopters. 1991
  5. Ft. Stewart, GA. Designed and installed a paint booth to be used exclusively for painting combat tanks and other tracked vehicles. 1992
  6. Georgia Forestry Department, Macon, GA. Installed a paint booth to paint heavy equipment. 1993
  7. MARTA, Atlanta, GA. Installed a booth to paint transit buses with breathing air device. 1994
  8. Minot AFB, ND. Installed two booths for the painting of large aircraft parts. 1995
  9. R. T. A., New Orleans, LA. Installed a paint booth and two man-lifts for the purpose of painting transit buses. 1995
  10. Robins AFB, GA. Designed and installed a 24' high paint booth in order to paint large aircraft parts complete with AMUíS and several other safety items. 1997
  11. Aircraft parts manufacturing plant, Miami, FL. Designed and installed two downdraft paint booths consisting of an airlock room and a paint mixing room plus breathing air units and AMUís. 1998
  12. Homestead AFB, FL. Installed an aircraft paint booth with a breathing air unit and compressed air capability, both specifically designed for future VOC abatement. The booth had interior and exterior receptacles, as well as alarms inside the booth for carbon monoxide monitoring for the breathing air system. Further designed for the aircraft painters were two fall protection devices that were mounted on a 4" I-beam suspended above the center of the aircraft. 1999