Plebe Marchback
            Classes of 2010 and 1960 Joined
         August 6-7, 2006             West Point, NY

               Thanks to photo help by Margo and Deet-Dah

Passing in review (Going like 60)            '60 welcome signs            The Cadet Pep Band
Plebe welcome signs            Mules and pooper scooper            Ski Lodge (3rd & last break)
Forming up on Ski Slope       Forming up on Ski Slope-2        10th MTN COL P & 1LT G w/run shirt
Two Warriors (Before)            Two Warriors (After)            Sporting our reflective belts
2nd break - Round Pond            Barth Hall - bunk & box            Daybreak at Round Pond
Garp's family at Supe's            Garp's family at Club               Effects of champagne
Some crazy dental work            Some goofy guys                  Poppa, the computer tutor
The Herminator & Master          Fred Faery snaking Erc            The grandgirls again (dragging pro)
Sir Ambrose of Brennan            The Harry Cal of Houston            '57 Buckner mate Joel w/OAO

     Question murmured at Oh-Dark-Thirty:   What possessed me to do this?