Warm Hearts Inside and Rainy Skies Outside
The Gagliano Birthday Bash
September 21, 2003, Our Lady of Sorrows Church, Homewood, AL

The Birthday Girl
Birthday Boy and Spike
Annmarie and Aunt Lillie
Birthday Girls's Cake
Birthday Boy's Cake
Dancing Feet
Can't stop them
Carrie and Paul
Paulette, Elena, Adriana,    
    and Paula

Jeanine, Steve, Maggie,
    Cara, and Palmer

Mary Jo, Pat, Joseph
    and Linda
Rev. Ignatius, Mark, and Zach
Ann Marie, Mark, Olivia,
    Jacob, and Abby

Anthony and Cathy
Dot, Ross, Mark, Zach, Erin,
    Jae, and Claire

Jon, Wendy, and Katie

Birthday Boy and Butch
"Do I hear fifty?"
Cousin Joe
Cousin Ruth
Cousin Patt
Cousins Sal and Josephine
Joe and Antoinette
Maria, Shane, and Anna
Joe, Joanie, Leigh Anne,
    and Joseph

Chris, Heather, Christopher,
    Alyssa, Lena, and Isabella
Paul, Linda, Maria, Elizabeth,
    Joseph, Mary Catherine, Claire,
    John Mark, and Michael

Angela, Dan, Nicholas,
    Christopher, Olivia, Joseph,
    Peter, and Benjamin

Uncle Phillip, Gloria, Denise,
    and Wayne

Margaret and Jake
Jeanette and Anthony
Joe and Betty
Mike and Buddy
Philip and Maria
Carl, Lucy, Patt, Ross,
    and Sam
Sam and Judy
Gina, Tim, Christina,
    Joshua, and Anna Grace

Greg, Kim, and Samantha
Josephine, John, Frank,
    and Marialana

Ivy, Victoria, and Kristen
Barbara, Joey, Nicholas, and
Ron, Lucy, and David
Joe and Rose Ann
Joe, Lori, Sammy, Ricky,
    and Joe, Jr.

Michael, Donna, Brooke,
    and Brittany

Rose, Marialana, Dawn,
    Reagen, and Ross Paul


Our photographer and my dear daughter, Lisa!