Jim's Photo Album

Two happy campers!
Our onboard accommodations
One of the homeless
The village of Bisacquino
Sicilian crossroads
The precipice (il balzo)
It's a "walnut!" (noce)
Zio Nino's family
Fra Bernardo
Central Sicily
Bar at Piazza Triona
The respected son-in-law
Mama and oldest daughter
Zio Arcangelo's "girls"
Other Saverio and wife
That small door
Photos from earlier trip
The village cemetery
Chiesa Madre
Gagliano Home
Antonina ed Antonio
Saverio's villa
Feast left
Feast right
Laptop show 1
Laptop show 2
Say "cheese"
More talking
and talking
Lunch alfresco
The Norman Palace
Dona' Apt.
In Palermo
Pizza in Mondello
On Monte Triona
Addio at SS. Maria del Balzo
Casa Benedetti - Roma
Dad's room
St. Peter's
The Coliseum
Victor Emanuel
Santa Maria Maggiore
McDonalds in Naples
McDonalds in Rome
On the subway (metro)
Thanks, Jim, for being a great son and a wonderful travelling companion!