Photo Page
                           Musso Cousins Reunion
January 2000            Carmel and Janice Renda's House     Birmingham, AL
                                             Photo memories by Ross Gagliano

The Host and Hostess             The Florida Mussos        Springville Rendas
Carmel and Janice                                Jimmy and Alice                    David and Susan
The Oldest and Wisest               The P. Gaglianos             The Gawkers
Nick and Emily                                    Paul and Rosemary                The guys and their cameras
The Bessemer Mussos            The S. Gaglianos             What They're Gawking At
Jack and Antoniette                              Sam and Judy                        Where the girls are
Commander with his Boss       Tommy the Man              Lucy    and   Ronnie
Mike and Rochelle                                Tommy Renda                             Haynes

Photographer          Photographer's Wife
Ross with beard            Dot without beard